Greatest MMA Fighter

greatest mma fighterJust like any sport, MMA is competitive, and the matches that these fighters go through are for the sake of getting to the top. The question is who is the current champion to overthrow in the world of MMA fighting?

There is one fighter who has punched and kicked his way to the top as the greatest MMA fighter of our time. That fighter’s name is . In fighting competitions such as the UFC, he is better known by his nickname “Rush.” He’s incredibly popular in Canada as one of their most popular athletes. More specifically Georges was both born and raised in Montreal, Quebec.

In the past, he’s always stated that his fighting started when he was merely at child at school. Georges was consistently bullied by other kids at school, and as a solution, his father enrolled him in karate classes at the age of seven so he could learn to defend himself. Needless to say, I highly doubt that the kids that bullied him as a child kept bullying him after that. Karate was the very first martial art he learned, and what he enjoyed doing the majority of his teenage years before learning anything else.

The vital part of MMA fighting though is mixing multiple forms of martial arts, and Georges utilized a total of at least three martial arts in addition to karate. Those included boxing, wrestling, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. One could only assume that particular mix of fighting skills that he spent years learning was an important part of his success as an MMA fighter. Learning multiple forms of martial arts alone is a marvel without mentioning what he managed to accomplish with that very talent. It takes a massive amount of dedication that many people rarely retain from the very young age that he started.

He turned into a professional fighter at the young age of twenty one and had since fought in at least twenty seven fights in the UFC alone. It’s not easy to become one of the best MMA fighters in the UFC league, but in those twenty seven gruesome fights he’s secured a spot with only two losses. There are eight weight classes for men in the UFC fighting competition, and Georges St-Pierre fought his matches in the Welterweight class of fighters which ranges from one hundred fifty five pounds to one hundred seventy pounds. In this class, there is a fierce competition of over one hundred fighters easily.

Everyone losses the title eventually, and after a while he regained it, but regardless of who the title currently belongs too it cannot be contended that he is one of MMA’s greatest fighters if not the greatest. When it comes down to the facts, he was the greatest, but everyone’s personal opinion gets involved. At the moment, he has stepped away from professional fighting for a little while. It’s still very possible that he’ll return to show himself in an MMA ring once again before he decides to retire his career as a fighter.

S0 would you rather be stuck in a ring with the greatest MMA fighter of all time or be 200 feet high washing windows while connected to ropes and sitting on a wooden plank?  I would take the ladder and I think so would you.