Greatest MMA Fights of All Time

mma fightsDetermining the greatest MMA fights of all time is a very tough decision. In fact, it’s almost entirely made up of personal opinion after the facts are done. Even the facts are sometimes thrown out the window when you talk to someone who simply happened to have a good day that day. Maybe it was the one fight where they had a lot of friends over with a lot of drinks to watch the fight. It’s a speculation that can be argued to the end of the Earth, and these fights are simply my personal opinion.

My first one is Dan Henderson versus Mauricio Rua in 2011 in a UFC fight. There was a significant age difference, and they were from two completely different worlds, but their weight and height the same. Dan Henderson was forty one years old, and plenty of fighting experience with thirty six fights. Unfortunately, age gets to everyone so does experience out-weigh age?

With the contender being twenty nine years old more people put their money on Mauricio Rua winning the fight. The whole fight was incredibly close which was what made the fight incredibly entertaining. Regardless of who you were backing in the fight, you still were entirely sure who it was that was going to come out on top in the end. After the fifth round, it came down to a decision by the judges, and it turned out to be Dan Henderson that won the match.

The second fight I agree to be one of the greatest MMA fights of all time was on The Ultimate Fighter, which aired on the TV Station known as Spike for fourteen seasons. This fight was Stephan Bonnar versus the fighter known as Forrest Griffin back in the year 2005. Not only were they at around the same height, and weight, but they knew each other personally being that they were from the same gym. Now, of course, this could be speculation that fights aired on TV, especially a cable show, are set up with the pure intention of catching the curiosity of fans. In this case, it absolutely worked, and it was definitely a fight worth watching.

You could tell that the fighters knew each other well with the all-out war they unleashed onto each other. Being that they come from the same city and the same gym, it must have been something they truly enjoyed. Testing out their strength, and skill in a real match after training so close to each other in a place that these fighters likely called their second home. In the end, it couldn’t come out any way other than a decision by the judges. Their bodies certainly would’ve given out long before their fighter’s spirit did which would’ve made it difficult to score. In the end, it was decided that Forrest Griffin was the winner of the fight. Although as hard as they fought, I doubt either one of them in the ring felt like the loser after those three intense rounds.